Life is too short for crappy meetings

Your time is precious. Have fewer and better meetings with a simple but effective tool to reduce unnecessary meetings and make the necessary ones amazing.

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Amazemeet is an online tool for designing and facilitating collaborative meetings

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Powerful Features & Clear Benefits

Single Shared Digital Canvas
Stay in sync all the time - no more meeting minutes.
Agenda-based Meeting Duration
Spending just the time you need means unprecedented meeting efficiency.
Meeting Scoring & Improvement Suggesting algorithm
Actionable improvement suggestions for consistently better meetings.
Endorseable Purpose, Contributors and Agenda
Help make sure you have the right people talking about the right things and improve meeting engagement.
AES-256 strong encryption
All your data secure.
Integration with over 450 other apps
Use your meeting content pretty much anywhere like scheduling, tasks, CRM, social media.
... and many more
Including commenting, attachments, you can invite GMail, Slack and Outlook contacts to meetings.

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Who can benefit from Amazemeet?

Top 3 Benefits of Amazemeet for Everyone at work

More Power to You
Each person is responsible for spending their time doing worthwhile work. Use Amazemeet's Meeting Scorer to help you determine if a meeting is worth attending.
Attend Fewer meetings
Many meetings are unnecessary and can be addressed by email or a quick call. Find and address these quickly and easily - giving you more of your time back.
Attend Better Meetings
Meetings need some structure to be successful. Amazemeet provides a simple purpose-driven structure to help you spend only as much time as you need talking about the right things with the right people.

Top 3 Benefits of Amazemeet for Managers

Better 1-to-1s
Your subordinates can set the agenda they want for their meeting with you and can prepare better for the conversation.
Life gets easier when you let others do what they are great at
Amazemeet helps you empower those you manage to collaborate and shape the agenda of your meetings. With endorseable agenda and trackable actions, you get increased accountability too.
Stakeholders stay informed
By inviting stakeholders as 'inform only' they get all the updates without attending. Saving you time, keeping your meeting efficient and keeping them synced.

Top 3 Benefits of Amazemeet for Scrum Teams

More Effective Scrum Meetings
Product grooming, high level planning - no problem! Meet only when there is an agenda and with only the people from the team that need to be there. Everyone else can be subscribed to the updates on your meetings.
Gain facilitation skills
With the meeting and agenda timer, Amazemeet provides cues for all participants to help facilitate. In-app tools encourage out-of app habits.
Less time in meetings, more time to deliver
In our beta testing, teams experienced 40% fewer meetings. This means more time to learn, do great work and deliver.

Top 3 Benefits of Amazemeet for Consultancies & Agencies

Get the most out of every client hour
Most consultants and agencies charge per hour. We help you collaborate in advance with your clients on your joint meetings, so you spend time on more valuable conversations and increase ROI for your client.
You and your clients are prepared
Being prepared for client meetings is important for value to your clients and your professionalism. Designing your meeting together in advance helps you to be consistently prepared for your meetings.
Track decisions and follow up on actions
Eliminate ambiguity by recording key points such as decisions made - and why they were made. Track actions with clear accountability and check-back dates.

Top 3 Benefits of Amazemeet for Busy Executives

Improve the meeting culture in your organisation
Nothing travels faster through an organisation than the habits of its leaders. Lead by example by using a tool that promotes transparency, accountability and collaboration.
Easy follow up without having more meetings
Your days are busy - don't spend time following up on actions. Let Amazemeet prompt you when actions have been completed, the outcomes or requests for assistance.
Help your organisation save money and increase effectiveness
A poor meeting culture is one of the most costly wastes of time, money and human potential in modern organisations. Amazemeet has been found to cut down 40% of meetings.
Amazemeet is Free. Try it now.
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  • Attend as many meetings as you want - all for free.

  • Number you can organise 1
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  • Great for busy managers, small companies and teams.

  • Number you can organise 150
  • €12 yearly
  • Organise an unlimited number of perfecty designed meetings.

  • Number you can organise unlimited
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Every plan gets

  • Unlimited integrations via Zapier

  • AES 256-bit meeting data encryption

  • Meeting Quality Score

  • Real Time collaboration

  • Google Hangouts

  • Slack and Google contacts integration

  • Unlimited meetings as a contributor

Only meetings that you organise count towards your quota.

About Amazemeet

Hey, thanks for taking an interest in Amazemeet's team! :) If you want the short story, Mike invented something called the Meeting Facilitator Canvas to help his Fortune 500 clients have more effective meetings, they loved it! So began a quest to fix meetings for everyone. If you want the long story, read this blog post .

Amazemeet is built by these lovely people


Mike Sutton


Mike is an organisational coach and veteran software developer. He invented the Meeting Facilitator Canvas after attending thousands of crappy meetings. He loves spending time with his family, cocktails, tech and helping people find joy.


Ana Flasker


Ana is a brilliant, engaging and collaborative designer and is in charge of transforming our ugly duckling into the swan of simplicity and awesomeness. She's loves to travel, taking amazing photos and plays beach volleyball - wow!


Manuel J Perez


Manuel is a Rails/Ruby developer who also likes to gets his hands onto the servers and stuff. When he is not hitting the keyboard he spends time with his family and teaches his son to play chess (and Minecraft).


Clara Bielefeld

Growth & Marketing

Clara likes to tinker around with marketing stuff. She also enjoys hanging out with entrepreneurs and playing tennis. Apart from that, she’s looking forward to taking part in a humanistic information economy.