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Design your agenda and let Amazemeet’s virtual assistant help your meeting stay on-topic and on-time on the most popular platforms.

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How Amazemeet gets you better meetings


Use familiar tools

With in-meeting support for Zoom, BlueJeans, RingCentral, Jitsi, Whereby and Gotomeeting – your meeting attendees don’t have to use a new tool. 

You and your meeting participants get better meetings from tools you are already familiar with.


Invite like a pro

With every Amazemeet invite, your meeting attendees transform into empowered contributors. They can see the agenda, timings, vote on items and give feedback even before the meeting starts.

We improve the meeting experience from the very first email.


Powerful purpose-led agendas

Great meetings need a little help. With Amazemeet, the meeting organiser goes through a proven technique of designing effective meetings.

So you meet with purpose, with the right people talking about the right things towards a shared purpose.


Turn words into action - right in your meeting​

You and your meeting contributors can add actions, capture key points and decisions and park off-topic items. 

Get things done directly from the in-meeting chat of all the popular video conferencing platforms.


Facilitate with care

Our advanced facilitator does thoughtful things like offer you breaks to prevent meeting fatigue, feedback through the meeting to help your participants be at their best.

Trust Amazemeet to keep you operating at your best with thoughtful features.


Clear Pricing

No credit card,  no obligation.
Upgrade at the end of the trial if it helps you have better meetings, cancel anytime.


  • unlimited secure and encrypted meetings
  • unlimited facilitators
  • unlimited agenda and contributors
  • full in-meeting facilitation for the most popular video conferencing platforms
  • monthly meeting insights and improvement suggestions
  • 12 hour support turnaround

Got Questions?

Amazemeet is primarily a tool for designing meetings - creating the agenda, sending professional-level invitations and facilitating those meeting in the most popular video conferencing platforms.

Amazemeet is primarily for:

  • Anyone who organises meetings - who will use our Meeting Designer tool to create their perfect meeting - and make sure they are inviting the right people, have the right agenda and timings.
  • Anyone who attends online meetings - who will generally only experience Amazemeet through their email (via our professional-level meeting invites) and their choice of the most popular video conferencing platforms (via brilliant facilitation).

Yes and Yes.

Your virtual facilitator is a bot that does not record or view your meeting, nor does it save the chat in your meeting. Additionally all the meeting organisation content is encrypted with account level keys and the whole lot is further encrypted at the database level.

We currently support full in-meeting facilitation in Zoom, Jitsi, 8x8, RingCentral, GotoMeeting, Whereby (formerly appear.in) and BlueJeans by Verizon. We plan on supporting Microsoft Teams in the very near future.

No. Since we are independent of all the video conferencing platforms we do not include a subscription to any specific ones. 

No. Whilst we do not provide our own hosted video conferencing platform, we support dynamically creating meetings on Jitsi - which is independently hosted, secure and free.


We recognise the strain that  having many and prolonged online meetings can have on people. To help in our own small way we have:

Timing prompts to all our facilitators to remind participants to take a break .

Agenda break types, so organisers can purposely design meetings with breaks.

Meeting quantity prompts, alerting organisers when they have many meetings per day and help them spread them out in a more balanced way.

Our Story

Back in 2015, as Mike was finishing up a contract with a Fortune 500 corporate client as a consultant agile process improvement coach, they asked for a ‘Meeting Effectiveness Course’ from his workshop catalog – on his very last day!

The only trouble was the workshop didn’t exist. So, Mike worked late into the night to create the workshop. Halfway through the usual slides and games, he had an insight.

Mike is a trained facilitator and, add that point, had over 10 years of leading and convening thousands on meetings in all kinds of companies – why not distill his method into something that was both effective and easy to use – and thus, the Meeting Facilitator Canvas was born.

The resulting workshop was based on using the Meeting Facilitator Canvas and the 25 participants absolutely loved it – requesting PDFs of the canvas for use in their meetings. Over the next 4 years, the Meeting Facilitator Canvas evolved to become Amazemeet

To date, over 9000 people have downloaded the Meeting Facilitator Canvas and kit and over 17000 people – from some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies – have used Amazemeet to get better meetings.

To get the full story read this blog post

The Team


Mike Sutton

Founder & CEO

Takes dents out of the Universe


Idrees Jawadwala

Product Design

Self taught genius

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