Our first ever public release: Pricing plans and 7 useful features for amazing meetings

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Welcome to “Beaver” – our first ever public release of Amazemeet.

This little bundle of simplicity and usefulness has been 12 months in the making and has been in an invite-only beta test since June 2015. We are so so so excited to finally let the everyone have a play with it.

Who is Amazemeet for?

We built Amazemeet for everyone who organises and attends medium sized group meetings from 3 up to 30 people. Amazemeet is platform independent and you can use it to design and host meetings in person or distributed and remote.

Many organisations – and we have consulted with some of the largest –  have a *huge* problem of wasted time and money because their employees are stuck in poorly designed and unnecessary meetings. The financial scale of the problem is staggering and even more so the scale of wasted human time and potential.

We built Amazemeet for all those employees in all those organisations – wherever they are in the world.

What’s new?

Well – if you are not one of the lucky 400+ beta users – everything is new!

To save us typing and you reading why not head over to Amazemeet for no-credit-card-needed near-instant demo. You’ll get a good idea what Amazemeet can do for you and all these features would make more sense. Here are 7 useful that Amazemeet offers to help you get better at meetings:

#1 Clear canvas-style meeting workflow design
Canvas design helps you work through – step by step – the process of thinking and creating amazing meetings. With our canvas you can improve any and all meetings with validated purpose, tracked agenda items and actions that people actually follow up on.

#2 Real time updates to the canvas
Supports you and your contributors to collaborate on your meeting design in realtime.

#3 Notifications of contributor activities
You can see what your collaborators have added to the meeting whilst you were offline

#4 Meeting Scoring
We provide a proprietary algorithm to help you score how well designed your meetings are – from the point of creation to the last action completed and provide actionable feedback on how to improve them.

#5 Zapier integration.
Zapier is like plumbing for the web, your meeting data can be piped to all your favorite internet services like tasks and calendars.

#6 Endorsable contributors and agenda
Put an end to the wrong people talking about the wrong things and wasting everyone’s precious time. With Amazemeet each contributor can endorse both the contributors and the agenda to make sure you have both the right people and the right topics.

#7 Validated Purpose
Purpose drives both the contributors and the agenda – without it, your meetings are almost certainly doomed. With our purpose validation – everyone can endorse and shape the purpose of the meeting ensuring your meetings are focused from the very start.


We want anyone to be able to use Amazemeet and we want the pricing to be simple and straightforward.

So for starters, all users get every meeting canvas feature we build – there are some things like dedicated custom domains that really only make sense for large organisations with thousands of users.

We differentiate all plans based on the monthly quota of meetings included in the plans.

Amazemeet is free for  up to 5 meetings a month  and the monthly subscription goes up to $649 a month for up to 1000 meetings – that should be enough for most organisations and departments. All plans can be shared across an unlimited number of users.

Checkout our pricing page for what’s included on each plan.

What happens next

We have an exciting vision for Amazemeet and we are committed to emerge and shape it further in response to what our customers need.

Thanks to our product development approach we can make and release features very quickly  – but we like the idea of releases (only so we can name them funny things like ‘Beaver’).

Chimpanzee is coming
chimpanzee , release photo

Image by lightmatter 

Our next release in a couple of weeks is titled ‘Chimpanzee’ and we are planning for it to include:

  • Recurring and repeating meetings
  • A meeting cost feature – so you can get a sense of how much a meeting is costing your team or organisation
  • Actionable feedback on meetings that affect.
  • Agenda tracking – that will begin to provide auto facilitation for groups.


Thanks for being part of our mission to help people save time and live more productive lives.

Please share Amazemeet with your friends – because friends don’t let friends have crappy meetings.

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