Keeping The Energy High in Meetings


Last month, we’ve talked about meeting scheduling: how long should a meeting aim to be, or how can you go about proactively fitting the meeting into your schedule like Warren Buffett. Read the 4 tips here if you missed them.

Now, meeting is scheduled. We need to keep them going with high energy.

Everyone should be in a good mood to produce engaging discussions and make the meeting count.

To achieve that, here are some tips, from the easiest, seemingly obvious one: drinking enough water, to doing improvisational exercises – requiring a bit of planning but the result is exceptional.

Keep Things Positive in Meetings

Yes, and … " and never "No, but…" – A simple but great trick to keep things positive in meetings¬†. via @amazemeet Click To Tweet

– according to Catalyst, a group of young Christian leaders.

Starting with “No, but/however” is a habit most often seen in people who like to win in conversations, and it’s the worst way to keep discussions open and welcoming.

It doesn’t matter how friendly you sound, other people will feel defensive, as you’re basically saying “You are wrong and I am right”. This kills the flow of ideas and positivity in meetings.

Watch yourself when you use this phrase, practice substituting it with “Yes, and … ” and notice the effects.

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Stay Hydrated During Long Meetings

"Drink more water during long meetings to stay concentrated and keep a good mood." Click To Tweet

Study tells us that we need to stay hydrated at all times, not just while doing exercise or under extreme heat.

Even mild dehydration is shown to negatively influenced energy level, mood and ability to think clearly.

During long meetings, a higher level of concentration and objectivity are required.

The discussions might easily slip into heated arguments or disharmony just because attendees are affected by the lack of H2O goodness.

Make sure to drink enough water to be mentally and physically fit.

Carry your water to the meeting if it is not provided to everyone.

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Do Improv Exercises

"Consider improv exercises to reinvigorate long meetings and rekindle collaboration. " Click To Tweet

Improv is not just for comedians – improvisational exercises have become popular in all kinds of organisation as an excellent tool for team building, meeting icebreaker or conference room de-stressor.

Here are a few games you can try today:

1. Catch: Toss an invisible ball around the room and everyone catches and passes it around. Add more balls if you’d like. Substitute balls for invisible babies, baguette, etc

2. Yes/No Contrapuntal: Two people take turns arguing different sides of a particular point, then switch sides to argue the opposite.

3. Conducted Story: Cooperate in order to narrate a made-up story together.

Suggest a title and everyone starts, one at a time, to contribute a sentence to the story, picking up the story from the same point of the previous person. End when the story reaches a natural conclusion.

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