Ask almost anyone in almost any organisation what they think of meetings and they’ll pretty much all say the same thing – “We hate meetings”.

Whilst there is a lot of feeling that meetings are bad, there is often very little or no solid data to back it up in the organisation.

Until now.

Mayalytics is our brand new service to help any organisation measure and visualise their meeting culture and provides high quality quantitative and qualitative metrics to drive improvements.


Built to Visualise Meeting Culture

As we built Amazemeet we found we had lots of users but not many customers.

We also found that one of the key reasons for this was that decision makers in our users’ organisations needed data to see if they had a problem with meetings in their company.

Mayalytics was born with the belief that we could  help leaders and decision makers improve their organisation by giving them useful metrics about their meeting culture.

8 Key Metrics Right out of the Box – for free

Using the data we get from your meeting invitation and feedback from specially devised micro surveys, we add a dash of Artificial Intelligence to make sense of the data and provide 8 key metrics about an organisation’s meeting culture:

  1. Meetings per Month: the number of meetings per month across your organisation
  2. Total Meeting Time per month (in hours): how much time meetings are taking.
  3. Employees Meeting Time per month (in hours): how much  employees’ time is spent in meetings.
  4. Employees Meeting Wasted Time per month (in hours): how much employees’ time is wasted in meetings.
  5. Meeting Costs per month (in US Dollars): how much meetings are costing the organisation per month
  6. Meeting Wasted Cost per Month (in US Dollars): how much of the cost of meetings is wasted.
  7. Employee Sentiment before meetings (in %)
  8. Employee Sentiment after meetings (in %)

Incredibly Easy to Use

One of the best things about Mayalytics is how easy it is to use.
To get your Meeting Culture data flowing, all you do is what you’ve always done for meetings that you organise- simply invite an additional email address and we take care of everything else.

Get started!

Getting started is super simple and quick.
Our “Getting Started” video explains everything you need to know to get it started.


Start using it right now and building up the data you need to get these useful metrics.

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  1. Hello Mike

    I received your email via our LinkedIn contact. We met at a BCS meeting many years ago and then on a ScrumMaster course in Brighton in 2009.

    I thought your contact about Mayalytics was interesting and polite. Having followed it up I think you’ve found the concept of a genuinely new product. I wish you the best of luck with it.

    I’m not in a position to push our idea with my employer as I now work for the Open University as a tutor and so am a very small cog.

    I also work as a proofreader so I have a couple of minor suggestions for your blog post: “the much time meetings are taking” should be “how much time meetings are taking” & “how much are meetings costing the organisation per month” should be “how much meetings are costing the organisation per month”. “(in hours): how much of employees’ time is wasted in meetings” should either lose the ‘of’ or should be expressed as a percentage instead of in hours.

    Would it be helpful to have the text in the user interface of your software proofread? Or the usability or user experience evaluated? Just let me know, Mike.


    • Ursula – I do remember you!

      Thank you so much – I have made the changes as you suggested.

      I really hope this tool can help organisations get a handle on their meeting culture, thanks for the support.

      Also, I’ll let you know if I need assistance with the proofreading and the UX evaluation, thank you for the kind offer.

      All the best.

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