Amazemeet is getting better.

Amazemeet is getting better

Wow the last couple of years have been crazy. So many meetings!

Wait a minute aren’t we all about cutting down on unnecessary meetings?

Well yeah but not all meetings are unnecessary in fact meetings can be amazing but on the whole we’ve lost sight of this. In fact we’ve made it so easy to have meetings any time anywhere that they’ve become like a millstone on our working time.

Amazemeet is here to help.

We’re here to take you on a journey to effectiveness, efficiency is great but we’ve got that now, it’s part of the fabric. So let’s pull our socks up and start getting effective!

When we launched the software we had a simple mission:

“To make meetings better”

But what does this mean?

Too many tech companies talk about better, but better is never truly defined, that’s not the case with Amazemeet. At Amazemeet better means more effective, better means getting the outcomes we want from the meetings we have.

Where meetings are concerned for some of us this means unlocking the potential in the 50% or so of our time spent in meetings. Whether that’s making them more efficient, having the right attendees to contribute to the goal or simply setting out what we want to achieve.

Our software has been designed to do just this and it’s getting better.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out a whole bunch of new features designed to make Amazemeet easier to use and easier to organise great meetings. We’d love you to try them out and tell us what you think. Sign-up below and we’ll keep you updated as we roll out Level-2 and you can try all the new features for yourself.

Together we can make meetings better for everyone!

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