What could you do with all that time?

what could you do with all that time

So what could you do with all that time? We talk a lot about cutting down meetings, here’s what it means to some of our amazing Amazemeeters.

We talk a lot about meeting efficiency and saved time but when was the last time you stopped to think what that really meant. What would you really do if you got some of that precious time back? So we asked you and as usual our amazing community was not slow coming forward. For me this is really what Amazemeet is all about having better meetings and getting back in control of not just our working lives but our lives so we can spend more time doing the things we love. My time saved is spent doing too things time with family and time to create ideas. Here’s what everyone else likes to do

The 2 hours per week savers

2 hours doesn’t seem like a lot but there’s plenty you can do with 2 hours! For most of us it seems 2 hours is a great piece of time saved to actually do some work. The biggest complaint we hear from Amazemeeters is that meetings stop them from actually doing their jobs. Gaining back 2 elusive hours is a great block of time to sit and concentrate on that report, come up with that next amazing idea or simply day dream. More on that here.

If you had 2 hours back what would you do?

4 hours per week

4 hours, that’s half a working day

We’re getting into super efficient territory here. Amazemeet is a brilliant step to saving this kind of time but like all tools it’s only as good as the person wielding them. When we spoke with our community our more experienced users are saving this kind of time cutting out unnecessary meetings but it’s also been a catalyst to get better organised in other areas of their working life. Cutting out distractions at work, being more disciplined with tasks are high on the agenda. WHat’s more startling though is how much happier Amazemeeters seem when they are making significant time saving at work.

When we asked the community what they do if they’re saving 4 or more hours a week it’s a lesson in balance. Whilst everyone seems to cite getting actual work done this is balanced with having more time for things outside of the work environment. Having fun, spending time with family, picking the kids up from school all feature highly. As does taking some time out for yourself. Many of you commented how saved time is great for mindfulness.

What’s very clear though is that more focussed Amazemeeters are getting the balance right. They generally seem happier, they’re more productive and they feel much more in control of the working lives and lives in general.

8 hours, the holy grail

So i’m sure you’ve read that and thought, hey hold on that’s a whole day. Yep, that’s right. If you read our recent post about the 5 hour work day then saving 8 hours a week is definitely possible. Just imagine what you’d do with all that time. Actually what’s interesting is that most of the community say the more time they save the more they actually need to plan how to use it. Once in a while a box set binge on the couch can be great for the soul but it’s not a long term strategy. I have to admit there aren’t that many Amazemeeters saving 8+ hours a week, those that are have really taken the bull by the horns and decided to completely re-evaluate they way they work and live. It’s not something to be done lightly. But it’s something that’s becoming increasingly necessary. Many of our work based cultural constructs are rooted in the past, particularly the idea that time spent at work equals productivity. In fact the opposite is true, it’s something we seem to have fallen into with meetings as well. Good communication is a hallmark of good company culture, but couple this with technology that’s made it super easy to meet and talk and it’s easy to tip the balance. Microsoft Japan trialled the 4 day week and two things happened. Productivity went up and so did employee happiness. The idea of simply spending more time at something goes totally out the window. Sure in a cotton mill more time on the production line probably did equate to more output. But, when the jobs that many of us do really on creativity, thinking, ideas the opposite is true.

My own experience as a seasoned marketer working both cleint and agency side is that the more you work something the worse it gets. My tactic is to walk the dog, get some clarity of thought, it’s where the saying “sleep on it” comes from.

But just think a whole day! What would you do if I suddenly said you could have a whole day back? Drop a comment and let me know.

We can’t promise you’ll save 8 hours, but we can promise you’ll take back control of your meetings

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