Finding a balance in the new normal.

Finding a balance in the new normal

We’re all trying to find balance in the new normal as we rapidly change our working behaviour.

So let’s preface this article by asking how you’re getting used to version 3 of Amazemeet? We’d love to know if it’s helping you have better meetings?

Back to the business at hand. It seems like we’re all in this together right now, which in some ways is great, everyones having to deal with the same change. For some it will be short-lived for some a new way of working is being ushered in whether we like it or not. Our experience at Amazemeet hasn’t really changed, we’ve always been a distributed business but for those just starting out on this journey, especially more traditional companies, it’s a brave new world.

We’re saving money that’s all that matters, right?

As many commentators more qualified than me have pointed out, this experiment with home/flexible working has been forced upon us and in most cases it’s worked out pretty well. The bottom line is, well the bottom line. If you’re a huge company with a lot of office space in London or New York then it’s costing you a huge amount of money every year. Some estimates reckon a desk in prime central London can cost upwards of £60,000/year, multiply that by 2,000 staff and the figures are astronomical. If you could halve or even quarter that demand. You do the math? But culturally many businesses and more importantly the people that work in them are still trying to find a balance. It’s great not having to spend hours commuting, but it’s also too easy to stay wedded to a computer long after you’d have left the office. Social interaction is also different, humans are after all tribal animals, we generally like spending time with other humans and that’s much harder to do online. But hey, we’ve got Zoom so we’re all good! Finding how to balance this in the future is going to present certain challenges for businesses. remote connectivity aside, how will they ensure that employees come together in a meaningful way and interact as human beings. This social interaction needs to be considered as working relationships are important for team cohesion and productivity.

The productivity fallacy

There are still people out there that think we’re more productive in an office. That’s been disproven so many times it’s untrue. In fact if you added up the time spent chatting at the water cooler, coffee trips and idly chit chat we are certainly less productive than you think. However, this is where the social cohesion in a businesses tends to be formed, that’s much harder to do online. What’s certainly true is that spending more time with family and having a better work-life balance is paramount. Happy employees are motivated, productive employees.

Connect don’t just meet.

Without the face to face interaction it’s super important that we make time to connect. Not all conversations need to be meetings and that’s especially true when we’re relying on tools like Amazemeet to plan and run our meetings. Making time to speak to colleagues is vital, it’s what keeps us sane, productive and moving forward. It’s a key part of the balance required to make remote working work.

Tell us how you’re finding a balance in the new normal?

We’d love to hear your tips and discoveries over the last few months? What’s worked and not worked and how you’ve started to find a balance?

Not using Amazemeet? Better meetings are just a click away.

The countdown to version 3 has begun.

version 3

Roll on version 3 of Amazemeet!

As we enter the final stretch through to the launch of version 3 of Amazemeet the whole team are super excited to finally be able to show the world the fruits of our endeavours over the last 9 months.

Despite the obvious issues we’ve all had to endure over the last few months the whole team has pulled together to create, what we believe, is the best meeting facilitation platform out there.

We all deserve better meetings.

Amazemeet is about better meetings, it’s why we created the platform and it’s something we believe can have the biggest impact on our work lives. Because let’s face it too many meetings are crappy, they’re a waste of time and achieve little. New features in the platform will help you plan, connect and conduct your meetings and manage the follow up. It’s truly end-to-end.

What’s happening now?

As we run down the clock to the launch of version3 we’re contacting all our existing users to active their accounts on the new platform. It’s super simple, all you need to do is switch to one of the new plans and you’ll automatically get a 15% discount. From July 15th when version 3 is live anyone who logs in will automatically be in the new platform.

If you don’t log in by the 31st July then you may find your account removed, to avoid this just head over to Amazemeet and you’ll be assured of continued use.

New users and version 3

Keep an eye on our social media over the next 7 days as we’ll also be launching some secret deals for new users to access version3.

Not using Amazemeet? Better meetings are just a click away.

Big switch over day

The big switch over

Big switch over day is coming, here’s what will happen.

As we move closer to the big switch over day from version 2 to 3 of Amazemeet we thought it would be useful to talk through what’s going to happen and how this may affect you, if at all. We’re super excited about version 3 it’s a real game changer and a key step to having better meetings.

Phase 1

Starting today and running through to the 14th of July existing users will be asked to start switching to the new Amazemeet plans. As part of this an automatic 15% discount will be applied for anyone who switches up to the 14th July. This is good through to the end of September so if you’re considering a paid plan you don’t have to decide straight away.

Phase 2, going live!

On July 15th Amazemeet version 3 will be going live. As we’ve updated in the blog version 3 is a whole new Amazemeet. Anyone who logs into Amazemeet from this date will automatically be switched over.

Lapsed accounts

We’ll continue to communicate about the new launch to anyone that’s signed up for Amazemeet but hasn’t used the platform in a while. But, come July 31st anyone who still hasn’t switched will be cleaned out of the platform. That may sound kind of harsh but we have a lot of users on Amazemeet and dormant or lapsed accounts divert resources away from other areas of the platform.

Things to remember

Here’s a check list of things to remember:

  • When you get an email asking you to switch go ahead and do it. It won’t cost you anything and ensures your account remains active
  • If you switch before July 14th you’ll get an additional discount of 15% on any new plan you take out good until the end of September
  • July 31st is the hard cut off for anyone who’s not switched over to version 3

As every if you have any questions about the big switch over and need some help login to the platform and get in touch.

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