Big switch over day

The big switch over

Big switch over day is coming, here’s what will happen.

As we move closer to the big switch over day from version 2 to 3 of Amazemeet we thought it would be useful to talk through what’s going to happen and how this may affect you, if at all. We’re super excited about version 3 it’s a real game changer and a key step to having better meetings.

Phase 1

Starting today and running through to the 14th of July existing users will be asked to start switching to the new Amazemeet plans. As part of this an automatic 15% discount will be applied for anyone who switches up to the 14th July. This is good through to the end of September so if you’re considering a paid plan you don’t have to decide straight away.

Phase 2, going live!

On July 15th Amazemeet version 3 will be going live. As we’ve updated in the blog version 3 is a whole new Amazemeet. Anyone who logs into Amazemeet from this date will automatically be switched over.

Lapsed accounts

We’ll continue to communicate about the new launch to anyone that’s signed up for Amazemeet but hasn’t used the platform in a while. But, come July 31st anyone who still hasn’t switched will be cleaned out of the platform. That may sound kind of harsh but we have a lot of users on Amazemeet and dormant or lapsed accounts divert resources away from other areas of the platform.

Things to remember

Here’s a check list of things to remember:

  • When you get an email asking you to switch go ahead and do it. It won’t cost you anything and ensures your account remains active
  • If you switch before July 14th you’ll get an additional discount of 15% on any new plan you take out good until the end of September
  • July 31st is the hard cut off for anyone who’s not switched over to version 3

As every if you have any questions about the big switch over and need some help login to the platform and get in touch.

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