The countdown to version 3 has begun.

version 3

Roll on version 3 of Amazemeet!

As we enter the final stretch through to the launch of version 3 of Amazemeet the whole team are super excited to finally be able to show the world the fruits of our endeavours over the last 9 months.

Despite the obvious issues we’ve all had to endure over the last few months the whole team has pulled together to create, what we believe, is the best meeting facilitation platform out there.

We all deserve better meetings.

Amazemeet is about better meetings, it’s why we created the platform and it’s something we believe can have the biggest impact on our work lives. Because let’s face it too many meetings are crappy, they’re a waste of time and achieve little. New features in the platform will help you plan, connect and conduct your meetings and manage the follow up. It’s truly end-to-end.

What’s happening now?

As we run down the clock to the launch of version3 we’re contacting all our existing users to active their accounts on the new platform. It’s super simple, all you need to do is switch to one of the new plans and you’ll automatically get a 15% discount. From July 15th when version 3 is live anyone who logs in will automatically be in the new platform.

If you don’t log in by the 31st July then you may find your account removed, to avoid this just head over to Amazemeet and you’ll be assured of continued use.

New users and version 3

Keep an eye on our social media over the next 7 days as we’ll also be launching some secret deals for new users to access version3.

Not using Amazemeet? Better meetings are just a click away.

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