August meeting madness!

meeting madness

Warning sensationalist blog headline! Actually let’s avoid the meeting madness.

I guess it’s fair to say the online meeting madness has now become common places as, let’s face it, for most of us it’s the only real way to connect with work colleagues. We’re no exception, the only difference is we’ve moved all of our team meets onto Amazemeet, using the integrated video.

Why’s that?

Well we made this amazing meeting software and just launched version 3 so it would seem sensible to use it!! But more than that the platform allows us to properly manage our meetings. Using the tool allows us to properly schedule and plan the meeting, ensure we stay on track through its duration and keep track of the follow-up action points. I’ll run through the key elements below, these make up the core of the meeting canvas, if you haven’t seen them dive into Amazemeet and start having better meetings now.


This is vital, It’s the why? Why are we meeting and what are we hoping to acheive. Having a clear purpose aligns the participants. It’s also a great filter to ensure those attending are aligned and can add value. We run a strict policy in meetings that if you can’t contribute or you feel a meeting is a waste of your time don’t attend. We see this as a real positive and a route to making our meetings more effective.


Assigning time to each agenda item keeps the meeting on track, it avoids tangents and allows us to progress through the meeting ensuring we cover everything we set out to discuss. The helpful counter keeps us on track with each item and if agenda points do raise further discussion this are noted to be picked back up in a different session.

Key points and decisions

This is where track key points raised through the course of the meeting and decisions we have made on the various agenda items. This helps us to define out outcomes and linked with the next key area forms the basis of our effective meeting model.

Actions and next steps

Probably the most important part of the meeting canvas. This documents what we will do next and who is responsible for delivering on the action points that have been raised through the meeting. Having this ensures we can track the outcome of the meeting and keep a tally of the tasks as they are completed.


Time, date, place and links to join video chat are all self contained within the platform. It makes it easy to manage the whole meeting process in one place.

Avoiding the meeting madness bandwagon!

Despite the sensationalist headline we’re really keen to help you avoid meeting madness altogether. Especially whilst we’re all working from home there’s never been a better opportunity to test out how Amazemeet can help you manage better meetings. The self contained platform is perfect for anyone looking to get efficient and avoid working across multiple platforms.

Not using Amazemeet? Better meetings are just a click away.

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