Your meeting demons…and how to keep them in check

Meeting demons

Meetings can break your will if they’re poorly run…and the people who attend them can do the same. Using Amazemeet helps you ensure the right people are there, and its excellent AI facilitator keeps the meeting on track, and those people in check.



We’ve all been there – five minutes into a meeting and already someone has derailed the conversation and gone down a rabbit hole where you know the next hour will be a useless one you’ll never get back. Here are a few of the worst habits experienced in meetings and how Amazemeet can help you have better meetings.

Not being present

They’re checking their phone every few seconds, looking out the window and doodling. Are they not the right person to be there? Have they even read the agenda? Or are they just not bothered?

Use Amazemeet to ensure the right people are in attendance, and share the agenda beforehand to ensure buy in from attendees. With us, you cannot set up a meeting without one.

Disagreeing with everything and listening to no-one

They don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. They know best and have thought of every possible outcome so everyone else is wrong. In their mind the decision is made and their interruptions to others means every one else goes silent.

Amazemeet’s AI facilitator will help you keep on track and give you the confidence to invite input from all to ensure the know-it-all keeps schtum. Plus, the notes and actions function helps everyone see what was discussed and decided so the consensus is clear to all.

Providing no input

Silent throughout, they sit motionless in fear of being asked their opinion. And get overshadowed by the attendee who knows best about EVERYTHING so can remain quiet.

Amazemeet’s agenda function asks for feedback on the discussion points and then requests agreement on the agenda before it is finalised. This will make sure everyone has had chance to review what is to be discussed, and prepare comments (if the silence is stage fright) for each item. And the AI facilitator will empower the facilitator to encourage input from each person around the room.

Arriving late

Rocks up 5 minutes late talking on the phone, eating a sandwich with no idea what the discussion is about then starts to have a chat to their neighbour about what they did at the weekend.

With Amazemeet, you get clear pop ups and reminders that meetings are due to start soon. With people working from home, this will help the late people to make it on time…or perhaps think about ensuring their input is first up on the agenda!


Amazemeet is a tool for running effective meetings – and getting rid of those pesky habits.


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