The End of the Road

After 5 years of trying to make Amazemeet both impactful and sustainable, we have come to the sad decision to close the service.  


Amazemeet will close on November 7 2021.

What went right 

Amazemeet was an accidental startup that came about because of the success of the Meeting Facilitator Canvas that Mike created and opensourced.

He hadn’t intended on doing any thing beyond share a handy tool to help busy corporates have more effective meetings. But as soon as they used the A3 paper sized canvas, which more than 9,000 people downloaded, the requests for an online equivalent came flooding in. So Amazemeet was born.

The volume of requests and helping others use the canvas was a huge highlight. See the tool actually emerge was equally amazing.

The opportunity to learn and build with some beautiful humans that I remain friends and travellers with is worth 

We lost against laziness

Meeting culture is broken in almost all businesses, for the simple reason that good meetings take effort and bad meetings are tolerated – even compensated. So there is no reason why anyone would work a little harder to have a better meeting when a bad one would do.

There are pockets of concerned professionals in almost all companies that tried Amazemeet – from Intel to BlackRock – but culture eats passion for breakfast and ultimately these effectiveness- seekers get drowned out and give up.

Laziness is a formidable opponent. We lost this round.

We pivoted too late

In March 2019, we raised a little bit of investment to spark growth. We thought that we should have a full service platform for meetings – with video and sharing etc. 

This was a dumb idea. 

It pitted us against better funded, more established brands like Zoom, GotoMeeting, Google and Teams and even though none of these platforms actually care that your meeting was effective, that is where people have meetings and they are reluctant to go elsewhere.

It also created a feeling of unhealthy competition – where we had to say these platforms were bad and ours was better. This is only partly true but nevertheless was a strategy that didn’t sit well and so was poorly executed.

By the time we had realised this and turned to a far better strategy, we had run out of runway.

I got exhausted

As a solo founder trying to build Amazemeet, holding its vision in my head and the relationships and leading the team and having a unique sense of how we should proceed and and and… AND having a family and side hustles…. I got exhausted and surfed burnout.

Nothing is worth that, so this decision is as much a self care one as a business care one.

We move on to the next

The behind Amazemeet is finally a solid one, world-class one that has matured, is hungry and build incredibly good software in an iterative and learning centered way.

We have a long list of good ideas to explore and this end of Amazemeet is a beautiful beginning of something else.

We are so grateful to the 17,000+ people who have used Amazemeet and the 9000+ who started the whole thing off by downloading the Meeting Facilitator Canvas. You trusted us to solve this chronic problem. We are sorry we couldn’t stay the course. We will continue to find other ways to help.

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