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Better Meetings

An Open Letter to All Fortune 500 CFOs

Dear Jim, I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the growth you guys have reached lately. And congratulations on your big promotion, much deserved! Jim, I’m writing because of
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3 Overlooked “Soft” Skills in Leaders — Steve Jobs Had None of Those

For a decade now I’ve been arguing with my father what intelligence means. He (a member of Mensa, believe it or not) argues that IQ surely determines how smart you
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Why You Should Encourage Conflict at Work and Women Speaking Up

When I was in University, I learned a lot about myself. For instance, for a person who shies away from conflict at all costs, I sure liked it a lot
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5 Brilliant TED Ideas for Leaders

I bet you’ve watched some TED talks, haven’t you? You closed the door, hoping the kids or the partner wouldn’t hear you, or maybe you were slacking off at work,
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Introducing New Habits in the Meeting Room

When I was in primary school the principal decided that it would be wise to play the Bulgarian Hymn before classes every single day, so they did. Pretty soon it
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How to Approach the Problem of Anonymous Feedback

Two movie scenes come to mind when I think about anonymous feedback: From Life Partners, 2014 From Legally Blonde 2, 2003 Excuse my poor examples, but bear with me, it’ll
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amazemeet version 2.0

Amazemeet version 2.0 is live and there’s more in store for 2020.

When Mike started Amazemeet he wanted to help people have effective meetings. Why?
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post prandial dip

Is the post prandial dip killing your meetings?

The post prandial dip can play havoc with your meeting effectiveness. Here’s some
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The addiction of meetings, how to break the cycle.

It’s official we’re addicted to meetings. We have reached the zenith of meeting
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