Lockdown meetings gone wrong

meetings gone wrong

We love meetings but we also love a laugh, here’s our favourite Lockdown meetings gone wrong.

From no trousers to impromptu bathroom breaks for many of us Lockdown has meant getting to grips with virtual meetings, and a fair few meetings have gone wrong! We’ve trawled the web to find some of the best examples. What always amazes us is how eager people are to share them, particularly when it’s their boss who’s messed up. I’d love to be on a fly on the wall at the next pay raise conversation.

Suffice to say the team at Amazemeet very rarely have these problems. Aside from the odd five year old getting in on the action, camera fails and a penchant for hats. I admit it that’s mainly me but hey getting a haircut during lockdown has been tricky and there’s no way my wife’s doing it!

Exit the meeting turn camera off!

This is a lesson for all of us, make sure you exit the meeting properly.

Kids are great at comic timing.

This is something I’m very familiar with. My daughter, who’s five, is more than capable of going to the bathroom on her own. However, when she see’s I’m working in my home office she has a great habit of shouting “Dad I’m doing a poo” at the top of her voice, invariably when I’m on a call.

Here’s another great one.

We’re pretty much all there now.

I can totally relate. Most of us probably started as we meant to go on. However, that probably lasted all of a few days and we realised that shorts, t-shirts and the general clothes we wear to lounge around in were good enough. My excuse, the weathers been warm in the UK, shorts are a must.


She handled it well. I think he just wanted to hang around and see what was happening!

Great compilation of classic moments.

It’s amazing how many people forget their camera and mic might still be turned on.

We’ll get there.

Whilst we can’t stop the kids and pets getting in on the calls. We have been working hard during lockdown to launch our version 3 of Amazemeet. With version 3 you’ll be able to manage all your meetings in one place from start to finish. That means managing who you invite, what outcomes you want, how you’ll allot time in the meeting, the meeting itself via video call and then the post meeting follow up. All your notes will be available to everyone and you’ll have a cool AI meeting facilitator there to keep all the attendees on track.

The road to better meetings is simple, click below.

We need 2 amazing women in tech to join us at #WebSummit.

Update: Closing Date Extended to October 9th.

So much has been going on with Amazemeet in the last few months – we’ll update the world in due course – but here is some whopping great news we’d love you to hear and share!

We’re going to Web Summit

The short story – we got accepted to join the Alpha Track of the Web Summit tech conference – the “best Tech conference on the planet”.

The  lovely Web Summit crew offered us an extra ticket to to bring a female member of our team  – well, we are small team of 3 and our only female team mate is traveling around in Asia – we ended up with 2 extra tickets.

So we got inspired and decided to do something rather splendid (drum roll pleeease).

…and we’d love 2 amazing women in tech to join us.

We are delighted to announce the Women in Tech “Join us @ Web Summit” competition to offer 2 hard working , creative, ‘got mad skills’ women in the tech industry (or working towards a career in the tech industry) the tickets.

But not only the tickets , you have to get there too right?! –  so we are also including a return ticket to Dublin from anywhere in the EU and 3 nights accommodation too.


Important info:

All you need to know is on the flyer but we’ll re-emphasize some really important points:

Send your submission to [email protected] – please include your name and a short bio.

Closing date is October 2nd at 10am Central European Time – anything that we receive after this date / time/ will not be considered.

You can only make one application per category (or one application across multiple categories).

No more than 2 applications per person and only one per category (as above).

Return tickets are from within the EU, we encourage applications from talented women anywhere in the world but if you apply from outside the EU and get selected, you will need to cover your airfare to somewhere in the EU and we’ll handle the rest.

Thanks – and good luck to anyone applying, we are really excited to see what comes through the inbox!!

Please share this post and/or the flyer as much as you can – the more the merrier  and lets encourage more gender diversity in our industry.