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Mind Your HiPPO

When JC Penny stock shot to nearly one billion dollars after hiring who was referred to as “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs,” the parade was all but booked on
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Synthesis Work, Manager Daily 5 Minutes and Personal Goals in Meetings

Outcomes Over Outputs Outputs are the “what”and outcomes “why”; always ask “Did your outputs make the difference that you expected in your outcomes?” The 101: Outputs are what you produce
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The Red Pill – How We Are Doing Pricing at Amazemeet

We chose the Red Pill Pricing can be complicated in any startup. Amazemeet is no exception, though we think a few things we have learned in trying to devise plans
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meeting scheduling 4 tips

Meeting Scheduling: 4 Tips To Do It Right

Often time, the way a meeting is scheduled determines how successful it is. This month’s productivity tips focus on how to transform your usual meetings  into productive, short, and well-spent
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Making Brainstorming Work; CEO of Medium on How To End Meetings

Making Brainstorming Work Image: jeanbaptisteparis  To make brainstorming work, have two meetings to determine “what to do” and then “how to do it”. Brainstorming if not properly conducted can waste time
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hidden cost of crappy meetings

The hidden cost of crappy meetings

There’s a hidden cost of crappy meetings and some of us are starting to realise just how much this cost really is. Hot on the heals of our recent ugly
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A Giveaway for Business Folk

First of all, let me thank everyone who filled out the European Meeting
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